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FOSC "Priority Criteria for Protecting Open Space" - Resolution No. 11-54

On September 7, 2011, the Fairfax Town Council adopted a resolution which includes criteria that FOSC may use to determine the priority of a property for potential aquisition of Open Space. Resolution No.11-54 with the criteria is attached.

Sky Ranch! 

Starting in May 2014, MOST, the Towns of Fairfax and San Anselmo and their Open Space Committees raised $1.2M for acquisition of the 16 acre property for open space.  They also raised $120,000 for site restoration.  The property was transferred in 2015 and is under the jurisdiction of the Marin County Parks & Open Space District.  The site was restored to its natural beauty and is available for safe recreational activities including hiking and day equestrian use (it was previously used as a private equestrian facility for about 50 years). With 11 acres in Fairfax and 5 in San Anselmo, it is a gateway to 100,000 acres of GGRNA, MMWD and Marin County open space with 100s of miles of trails stretching all the way to the Golden Gate and Point Reyes. It is adjacent to the Bald Hill Open Space Preserve and the Mt. Tam Watershed.

Upper Ridgeway Parcels!

The Fairfax Open Space Committee (FOSC) acquired two parcels on Upper Ridgeway for Open Space for the Town of Fairfax. Click here to view the flyer. Below is a brief description of the properties.  FOSC negotiated with the property owner for the purchase which was completed in fall 2013. The property consists of two parcels that have been merged together, located on Upper Ridgeway Ave. (adjacent to 2 Upper Ridgeway Ave.); the joined parcel numbers are APN Nos. 001-193-07 & 001-193-09. They now constitute one parcel totaling 16,416.0541 sq. ft. / 0.3769 acres. The property owner is also the owner of another vacant lot, APN No. 001-193-03 in the same vicinity (7680.5507 sq. ft. / 0.1763 acres). These properties, in excess of half an acre, are adjacent to and provide the community access to Hawthorn Canyon Open Space and also serve as a wildlife corridor. 

Parcel Donated to Fairfax for Open Space!On October 12, 2012, through the efforts of FOSC, the Town of Fairfax accepted a donation by Ms. Elena Court of undeveloped land between Scenic Road and Redwood Road, in the wooded hillside area above the Town. FOSC worked closely with Ms. Court to obtain this property as open space so it is now protected from future development.  Along with the other undeveloped adjacent parcels and an adjoining open space easement, the property provides a natural setting and wildlife habitat.  It also serves as a wildlife corridor and preserves the scenic values of the hillside.  

The property is located on an undeveloped, “paper” street known as “Scenic Trail” and is located near the intersection of Scenic and Bay Roads.  Click here to view the parcel map (Assessor’s Parcel No. 001-022-04) with the location of the property.  The property is in its natural state on a steep slope and is populated with underbrush and trees.  Click here for an aerial view of the property and nearby land. To the west of the property are other, similarly undeveloped parcels on Scenic Trail.  Immediately to the north of the Property there is an open space easement that is on a large privately-held piece of land.

Donating to FOSC - Please donate to FOSC so we can acquire and preserve open space! Please make out your check to the "Town of Fairfax Open Space Committee." This will ensure that your donation is used only for FOSC purposes.  Mail your check to: Fairfax Open Space Committee, 142 Bolinas Road, Fairfax, CA 94930. 

Wall Property

Dr. Wall, a retired prominent heart surgeon, purchased the approximate 99 acres that compose this meandering property in the 1960s.  Through the years, the property was rezoned a number of times.  Current zoning allows for the development of one dwelling unit per ten acres, or a potential of nine dwelling units.  Unlike nearby parcels, there have been very few proposals for improvements to the property.  In the past 20 years, one development proposal for the property was been a tower for a cellular company.  This project was never permitted, and thus was not developed. 

The property was prioritized as an Open Space Priority by the Town Council in 2007 and is memorialized as such in the General Plan.  In the subsequent years, Dr. Wall suffered a severe medical illness and passed away.  The property was sold to a private party as a result of a court-ordered sale. Attached (see links) are a number of documents that provide a chronology of the Town’s interest in the property as Open Space, partial listings of birds and flora found on the property by prominent biologists, and other materials.   A Marin IJ article on the property can be found at: http://www.marinij.com/fairfax/ci_23470297/99-wooded-acres-overlooking-fairfax-being-sold-development

Click here for plants, trees, mushrooms and fauna list

Click here for bird list

Click here for Town Council staff report on Wall PropertyClick here for Town Council Minutes on the OS priority designationClick here for Town Council staff report on the parcels

Egger Redwood Grove - see links below for news:

The Town appealed the decision but was unsuccessful in its appeal --- see the decision by clicking here. Marin County sent a letter to the appellate court in support of the Town's appeal- click here to view the County's letter.  See the Marin IJ article at http://www.marinij.com/fairfax/ci_20284160/county-joins-fairfax-open-space-land-flap



Tax Lien Property - In July 2010, FOSC completed the acquisition of a property for open space through a tax default sale.  See the links below for location of the property, the deed and more information as to the tax default.