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About Us


The Fairfax Town Council established the Open Space Committee by Resolution 2323 on May 4, 2004.  The purpose of the Fairfax Open Space Committee (FOSC) is to access open space acquisition opportunities, raise funds and support within the community for these proposals and advise the Town Council on matters related to open space.

FOSC consists of nine community members who reside within Fairfax (and residents outside of Town limits within the same zip code).  Membership on the Open Space Committee is approved by the Fairfax Town Council from applications submitted by interested Fairfax residents; members serve a term of four years. The Committee elects a Chairperson and other officers as necessary to run their meetings in accordance with local and state rules of procedure and decorum.  FOSC, through the Town Clerk, provides notice of its meetings in accordance with local and state rules; it keeps minutes of its meetings which are kept on file with the Town as a public record.  FOSC must hold regular meetings not less than once every two months and provide a yearly report to the Town Council summarizing its activities, its budget and any possible acquisitions of lands, development rights, or other expenditures.

FOSC is an advisory body to the Town Council and its role is to advocate for open space.  It is FOSC’s responsibility to survey the lands within, and adjacent to, the Town of Fairfax in order to determine the availability of unique, threatened, or environmentally sensitive land parcels that may be appropriate to acquire to hold in perpetuity as dedicated open space for the public.  FOSC is also responsible for the consideration of long term planning of open space in and near Fairfax, for the generation of community support for the implementation of that program and for the fund raising necessary to implement the plan.  FOSC may also serve as an advisory body in the consideration of long term planning for the Town and also review planning and development matters in order to formulate policy it may deem appropriate to advocate.

16 Park Road
Fairfax, CA 94930-1616

FOSC typically meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Meetings usually take place at the Youth Center at 14 Park Road.

Fairfax Open Space Committee (FOSC)

  • Michael Ardito - Co-Secretary
  • Christopher Borjian
  • Charles Cornwell - Treasurer
  • Chance Cutrano
  • Ruth Horn - Co-Secretary
  • Jack Judkins - Vice Chair
  • Susan Pascal Beran - Chair
  • Two vacancies
  • Ex Officio Youth member: Dahlia Siegel- Sigmund (FOSC thanks Georgia Little, Lili Secord, Allie Ross, Hannah Salaverry & Beatrix Berry who served until each graduated, 2017, 2015 & 2014, respectively & Lily Williams).  Barbara Coler is the Town Councilmember liaison to FOSC. 

FOSC Subcommittees:

Acquisitions – Christopher Borjian, Ruth Horn, Jack Judkins, Susan Pascal Beran
Fundraising - Michael Ardito, Shelley Clark, Charles Cornwall

Joint FOSC/San Anselmo Open Space - Michael Ardito, Ruth Horn, Jack Judkins

Public Outreach – Michael Ardito, Chance Cutrano, Susan Pascual Beran
- Michael Ardito, Charles Cornwell, Chance Cutrano, youth member Georgia Little

Measure A Funds Allocation - Jack Judkins (primary), Chance Cutrano (alternate)

General Plan Open Space Element - Chance Cutrano, Shelley Clark, Jack Judkins, Susan Pascual Beran

Webmaster - Barbara Coler

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FOSC Membership Resolution (see link)

FOSC Open Space Management Plan (see link)